Sounds simple right? But have you ever left your dollhouse open for a period of time just to return to it and find dust coating everything an inch thick? Or maybe you’ve noticed spots on your furniture where the colour slightly differs? Even if you haven’t, this could happen and it’s best to learn how to clean and maintain your dollhouse as soon as possible to avoid this from happening.

1. A nice, fluffy, pipe cleaner is the best place to start, they get into most little nooks and will fold quite easily around items that may be glued or tacky waxed down.

2. Talking of tacky wax, removing that off things can often leave a little sticky residue... start with a baby wipe and use the wet towel to get some off, then use a dry paper towel to remove the rest, it may take a couple of times going back and forth but this is one of the better ways of removing all signs of the stuff!

3. A desktop hoover! You can pick them up for a £1 or so, they’re designed to clean between the keys of your keyboard, but it will also pick up dust in your dollhouse, just be sure to remove any small miniatures that may go up the pipe, otherwise you’ll make a bigger mess when you have to go looking for it!

4. A toothbrush is a great way of cleaning the carpets, brush out to the door and then peel away!

5. Baby wipes! Now I have always wondered what’s really in baby wipes because the absolutely clean up everything! Now it isn’t the best thing for dust on larger surfaces, because it doesn’t pick it up, however it does bring it all together to a side or edge for you to then remove easily by hand on. If it’s a smaller surface like a kitchen table, then baby wipes work great.

6. DON’T use any harsh chemicals, you could remove surface paints and varnish from your minis! If you feel the need to polish any item, use furniture polish sparingly directly onto the cloth, give it a few minutes to settle before applying to furniture AND do a spot test underneath items where possible to ensure it won’t damage the item!

7. If there are any signs of mold or mildew in the room your house is kept or on the house, use a dehumidifier as an initial damp remover and then pop some silica gel packets (usually found in new shoes and handbags!) into hidden areas of your dollhouse, you could even put the silica gel in there as a preventative measure and change them every 3-6 months.

8. Keeping on top of dusting will prevent damage.

9. Protect your dollhouse by keeping it away from windows where possible to protect from damp and direct sunlight that will fade the paint and eventually cause cracking.

10. Don’t make it a chore, make it a part of the fun!