It might sound easy, but anyone who's ever wallpapered a dollhouse will tell you it can be a little tricky. Hopefully this handy guide will help you avoid some amateur mistakes that most of us did when we first started. Have a good read before you begin and keep checking back to this guide if you get a little stuck! It's simple to follow!! 

1.   Make sure you don't stick any of the accessories on to the front or the roof of the house before you begin

2.   Try to avoid using gloss paint to decorate your house.  Tester pots are the cheapest and best option
3.   Paint all the edges of the house, e.g. the edge of the roof, around the cut-outs for the windows & doors and the base.  Use appropriate colours for the different areas. 

4.   Paint the doors, windows and components in the colours of your choice and set them side to dry.

5.   If you intend to paper the front and roof of the house, undercoating is not necessary.

6.   We have found "border adhesive" to be the best adhesive to use when decorating dolls houses.  Always paste the paper and not the house 

7.   When papering the front of your dolls house paper over all the pre-cut holes for the doors and windows.  Allow the paper to dry, then using a sharp craft knife cut the paper away from where the pre-cut holes are.  You will easily see the outline of these holes as the light will shine through the paper. 

8.   Follow the same process for the roof, allowing the paper to dry before trimming the edges.

9.   Internal decoration is basically the same as the external.  DO NOT fix the staircase until you have finished decorating the inside of the house.
10. Don't forget the ceiling!!
If papering the rooms, measure and cut your paper before gluing.  Lay the paper (dry) against the wall or ceiling and score the edges with the end of your fingerCut the paper slighting larger, then test it out against the wall/ceiling before gluing in place.

11.  Affix the ceiling first, then the side walls.  Papering in this order allows you to overlap the ceiling paper onto the walls of the room.  Paper the side walls next up to the ceiling line but overlapping onto the back wall.  Paper the back wall last.  The back paper should be cut to size with no overlapping, this will give you a clean, straight edge finish. 

12.   You can chose to decorate the inside of the front of the dolls house in two ways. Firstly in a plain colour or secondly you can section the front to match the room it closes onto and decorate it to match that room. 

If papering you would follow the tip on papering the outside of the house and paper over any pre-cut openings.  
If you intend to paint it one colour this should be done at the beginning of the decorating, before any wallpaper comes into contact with the house.