APRIL 2018

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Here you will find our latest news, exclusive stock news about anything that's new, discontinued or popular and limited, and helpful hint or tip for the month to help you make your dollhouse a doll home a little easier. We hope you will find this interesting and useful, advice, feedback and comments are greatly appreciated and can be forwarded us using one of our social media accounts linked below or through our email address. Thanks for reading! 

After a very eventful March, where we were closed for a holiday and sold out of our stokesay ware, we are fully open and ready to go once again. A trial run of our new opening times saw that Saturday early evening is not a popular shopping time and so we will be returning to a 3pm close on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. This is happening for two reasons, the first being the very small handful of customers that actually visited during the extended opening times and also because familial commitments have made it very difficult to have the extended opening times, therefore instead of having inconsistent Saturday opening hours we have made the decision to return to a three pm close. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause an may consider extending those hours again when our commitments allow us to. Thank you for your kindness and understanding on this matter. 

It's been a weird month here in March! The most asked about item was toilet roll and I can now reveal we have an awesome supply of toilet roll in various designs for your dollshouse. Now in store and online!

We have also been able to restock our wallpaper with now a much larger quantity of Seashore available in Pink, Blue and Green as the Grey has been discontinued. 

Also online, these gorgeous little dustpan and brush set priced at £2.60 are back in stock, the difference being a lighter colour on the brush hairs.

Our most popular item this month has been this incredible dollshouse 1940s Iron with plug, none of our suppliers stock this item any longer and we have failed to verify the brand, however this impressive item is so well priced it's no wonder it's flying off the shelves! There are only 3 remaining and once they're gone they're gone!

This month's tip is a simple one, dusting your dollshouse can be a long and frustrating task. However, our advice? Fluffy pipe cleaners! They can get into the most awkward corners in houses and furniture, collect the dust like a feather duster would and they're as cheap as chips! You could invest in a dollshouse feather duster too if you wanted... but at £6.50 a pop you're better off keeping that as a dollshouse accessory than a real cleaning tool! 

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