Hello and Welcome to the first newsletter update from Ty Bach Twt Dolls houses and Accessories shop! 

Here you will find our latest news, exclusive stock news about anything that's new, discontinued or popular and limited, and helpful hint or tip for the month to help you make your dollhouse a doll home a little easier. We hope you will find this interesting and useful, advice, feedback and comments are greatly appreciated and can be forwarded us using one of our social media accounts linked below or through our email address. Thanks for reading! 

As many of our customers know, we are a very small, family run business. The business was started back in 2004 by Ellen Roberts and her daughter Eirian. Since then we have lost Ellen, and just prior to that because of other commitments Eirian moved the business home and kept it going to the best of her ability. A stock take Christmas of 2014 made us realise we had to do more and the only realistic option was to get a physical shop up and running once more so Eirian and her then partner (now wife) Steff and their girls opened the Bangor High Street Store. When the shop re-opened in 2015 it was with the impression that all 4 members of the immediate family would be helping to keep the shop running smoothly. However, as our loyal customers will know this didn't work out very well. We had lots of closures due to lack of someone to be on the premises, other commitments and a new addition who brought with him a barrel of complications (each one absolutely worth it) and we knew that we were letting our customers and ourselves down and knew it couldn't go on. 

So as of 2018, Steff has taken over the day to day running of the shop. If you have visited the shop since the New Year then you will have already met her. She has knowledge and experience to help each of our customers with any of their queries, has a passion for both dollshouses and business and will do whatever she can to ensure that Ty Bach Twt will be here for many years to come. If you haven't been by yet, our new and revised opening times are available on the website with any closures (now at a minimum) detailed on our facebook page as soon as it is clear the closure is occurring. Steff will be in the shop during the opening times with a very warm welcome for everyone. 

As this is our first newsletter, we will give you some stock information from January 2018 to today, usually this will be just information about stock from the month before including new items, discontinued items, exclusive items and our most popular items. 

So January and February have been busy months for Ty Bach Twt with the expansion of our online eBay store and a pretty incredible start to 2018 in store too with frequent visits from loyal customers and some wonderful new customers that we hope will be back! 

The online store has seen our impressive collection of dollhouse wallpaper dwindle with the most popular being the bathroom wallpaper seashore. We now only have the pink in store and grey has been discontinued.

Also online, these gorgeous little dustpan and brush set priced at £2.60 have been incredibly popular with just the one now available! 

And popular in store as well as online to the extent we've already had to re-order them and are quickly selling out again are our incredibly simple, resin AGA cookers at 
just £10.80 each!

We also have an impressive new range of tudor furniture that's just waiting for the right home as well as an incredible 'wonky' clock by JBM Miniatures, a brand we hope to be stocking a lot more of in the future. 

This month's tip is one most seasoned dollshousers (hehe) will know about and that is YOU NEED TACKY WAX! That's right, a seasoned dollshouse hobbyist will know that when making your dollhouse a home, Tacky Wax is an important piece of equipment. Tacky wax is just what it says it is a wax that is tacky, it will allow you to easily stick down small accessories (plates on a table and cutlery etc) and it's easy to remove too. Use a baby wipe to wipe the wax off the surface and a paper towel to dry it and voila, it's as good as gone. What's even more incredible is you only need a minimal amount too and it's then completely invisible. 

You can also use it to stick shelving, curtains or picture frames on the wall. To remove this, yes a small blunt instrument (like a spoon) to remove the most part of it, then use your nice clean finger to get the rest, easy!  

and that's it for March! Thank you for reading! If you'd like to submit a tip, ask us a question, comment on this newsletter or want to contact us for anything else please contact us using one of these mediums! 

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